“I am highly appreciative of GEF's mission and diverse course offerings. I am confident that supplementing my knowledge with the Institute’s courses will truly help me to succeed as an effective sustainability educator in my community.”

~Shirley Bednarski, Sustainable Earth Education and Development (SEED);
GEF Institute Pilot Participant


“Green schools and environmental literacy complement the goals of providing a well-rounded education for the 21st century, of modernizing schools at reduced costs, and of accelerating learning.”

~ U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, 2012

K-12 Offerings

GEFInstitute EducatorWelcome to GEF Institute, where you can find sustainability education that meets your needs for credit bearing courses, classroom curriculum, and professional certificates. 

What sets us apart

GEF Institute is the only place where you can find online sustainability courses approved for professional development or academic credit. Our leading edge content and unique delivery style provides one of the most engaging online experiences you can have. Courses are taken online, at your own pace and are sure to pull you in with rich video narrations, ongoing assessments, lively course forums, and application based activities.

A focus on integration

Having the knowledge isn't always enough to feel confident and prepared to deliver important lessons about sustainability to students. The Institute tackles key sustainability concepts while providing you with the teaching methods, resources and tools to confidently and effectively integrate sustainability subject matter into your classroom. From curriculum packs to ready to use 30 hour curriculum, comprehensive and successful integration is made easy again.

The only certificate in sustainability

Set yourself apart by demonstrating your expertise in, and commitment to, sustainability concepts with a Certificate in Sustainability from GEF Institute. The only certification in sustainability, this program is comprised of 4 online courses and one independent study project. Upon completion, you will have a professional certificate that adds to your credibility as an educator and leader in sustainability for your school and community.