Sustainability Specialist Certificate - K-12 Sustainability Education Strategies

Course Description

This specialty certificate includes an emphasis on teaching methods and curriculum integration for educators looking to enhance their teaching of sustainability concepts, to broaden their application of STEM skills in the classroom, and/or to implement sustainability education programs in their schools. In addition to two courses that establish a foundation of knowledge around sustainability, the Educator specialty consists of five units designed specifically for K-12 educators and administrators interested in integrating sustainability education into their classrooms and schools. Read more about the K-12 Sustainability Education Strategies course.


Participants have 90 days from the time of enrollment to complete all certificate requirements. It is estimated to take 12 hours to complete requirements to earn a Specialist Certificate and you may do so online, at your own pace. Please note that courses are available on-demand, so the time limits begin upon enrollment.

Certificate Prerequisites

You're required to complete the online courses Introduction to Sustainability (aka the Apprentice Certificate) and Core Concepts in Sustainability (aka the Professional Certificate) to be eligible to earn the Specialist Certificate.


.75 CEU and .5 academic credit are available upon completion of the content elective for an additional fee, payable to the Institute's partnering university. Read more

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All Required Courses

Introduction to Sustainability: Its Purposes, Challenges and Requirements (prerequisite, approximately 1.5 hours)

Core Concepts in Sustainability (prerequisite, approximately 6 hours)

K-12 Sustainability Education Strategies (approximately 7.5 hours, credit available)