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Michelle Obama and Chef Kass MRS. OBAMA: ...We're looking to you guys to help educate the country, not just in your own homes, but other people as they think about how to plan their meals for their kids, to think about the importance of making sure that we have enough fruits and vegetables. And doing this garden is a really inexpensive way of making that happen.

Do you know how much -- I mean, look how big this garden is.  Do you know how much it costs to just do this?  And we're going to have carrots and spinach and herbs and berries.  We're going to have a ton of stuff in this garden. How much do you think it costs to do this garden?  How much?

CHILD: Over $100,000.

MRS. OBAMA: Over $100,000. (Laughter.) My husband would go crazy -- (laughter) -- if he thought we were spending that kind of money. No, a little lower than that. How much do you think?  You.

CHILD:  I think $5,000?

MRS. OBAMA:  $5,000?  No, a little lower.  Yes.

CHILD:  $1,000?

MRS. OBAMA: $1,000? No.

CHILD: $200.

MRS. OBAMA:  $200 -- it doesn't -- it hasn't cost us more than $200 to plant this.

CHILD:  $100?

MRS. OBAMA:  It's about $100 -- it's between $100 and $200.  So it's not a lot of money.  And this garden can not only feed my family, but it's going to feed all the staff at the White House.  We're going to use these vegetables to help feed you guys.  We're going to serve it at some State Dinners.  So with this little plot of land -- and this is a big plot; you don't even have to plant this much -- we can produce enough fruits and vegetables to feed us for years and years to come -- for just a couple of hundred dollars.  Now, isn’t that amazing?

So we're looking to you guys to help us make it happen.  So we're going to plant the seedlings today.  And then in a few months, hopefully right around the time you get out of school, you can come and help us harvest the fruits and vegetables, and come into the White House with all of our chefs and start doing a little cooking.  How does that sound?