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“I’d like to state my appreciation to your cause. I do believe that the children of today need to be educated about the environment.” – Gabriel Vivas 

Recommend these books to older students who are interested in gardening, agriculture and food-related current events.

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The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Young Reader Edition  Michael Pollan
Based on Pollan's best-selling adult book of the same title, this (slightly) shortened version will appeal to thoughtful, socially responsible young adults.

Guerilla On Guerrilla Gardening Richard Reynolds
Calling up images of Mao Tse-tung and Che Guevara, Reynolds advocates for the guerrilla gardening movement with a handbook exhibiting an inquisitive nature, social concern, and an international perspective.
Moosewood Moosewood Restaurant Kitchen Garden David Hirsch
In what is called "a gardening book for cooks and a cookbook for gardeners," Hirsch offers brief seed-starting instructions, cultural requirements, harvesting instructions, garden design plans, and culinary tips for a variety of vegetables and herbs. He also includes general gardening techniques, insect control, and recipes from the Moosewood kitchens.
Essential Essential Gardening for Teens Ruth Chasek
Readers are given the basics and are then encouraged to get more information from seed packets, other gardening books, and a local garden center. This attitude gives teens ownership of the process and shows respect for whatever potential readers may have.
Animal Animal, Vegetable, Miracle Barbara Kingsolver
This book chronicles the year that Barbara Kingsolver, along with her husband and two daughters, made a commitment to become locavores–those who eat only locally grown foods.
Coming home Coming Home to Eat Gary Paul Nabhan
Nabhan, a subsistence hunter, ethnobiologist, and activist devoted to recovering lost food traditions, gave himself a task: to spend a year trying to eat foods grown, fished, or gathered within 250 miles of his Arizona home. His book, both personal document and political screed, details this experiment from the moment Nabhan purges his kitchen of canned and other processed foods to a final food-gathering pilgrimage.