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Seattle Garden Just what you were looking for: a simple set of instructions for building your own raised bed!

Difficulty Level: EASY!
Estimated Time for Project: 2-3 hours (depending on experience)

Step 1- Preparing to drill into the wood:
•    Measure 3/4" from the end and side of the board to create two "x" marks on each end of the long boards.
•    Drill pilot holes for the screws into the "x" so the wood board does not split at the end.
•    Repeat this on all the long (8′) boards until they all have two pilot holes on each end.
•    After you’ve finished drilling the pilot holes, swap the drill bit for the Phillips screwdriver bit.

Step 2- Building the bottom layer:

•    Stand two long boards and two short boards on their sides and line them up.
•    Insert long screws through the pilot holes of the long boards into the very end of the shorter boards.
•    Hold the boards firmly while you drill. Attach both screws on the end of each board before moving on to the next corner.
•    Drill into all four sides to make a rectangle with all of the boards attached

Step 3-Securing the base to stakes, and leveling the base:
•    Take a stake and drive it into the corner of the most level side of the box
•    Leave about 4-6 inches of stake sticking up above the board.
•    Level up the two sides of the board, one short and one long, on either side of the stake. Leveling this bottom layer of the flower bed is very important. 
•    Once that side is level, insert the drill bit again and drill two pilot holes through the board into the stake. Insert two of the shorter screws to secure it.
•    Repeat this step: drive a stake into the other corner and attach the board to the stake with screws.

Step 4-Squaring off the base:
•    Before staking the other end into the ground, use the carpenter's square to make the remaining corners perfect 90º angles.
•    Stake the final two corners by pounding them into the ground as before.
•    Level this side before drilling the stakes to the boards

Step 5-Securing the base:
•    Now that it is perfectly level, the base needs to be secured into the ground.
•    Drive 2 more stakes into the ground so that the stakes appear as shown here:

**The extra stakes along the middle of the boards will prevent the bed from expanding and bowing in the middle**
Repeat above steps for drilling stakes to boards--mark with an "x" and drill pilot holes before drilling into the board to firmly secure it. 

Step 6-Building up the top layer:
•    Since the bottom boards are already level, you can begin by attaching the top layer of boards to the stakes--also already in place. 
•    Drill pilot holes through the board and into the stake and insert the short screws to attach the board to the stake.
•    Attach the ends with long screws just like you did on the bottom layer.  

Step 7-Stand back and admire your new raised bed garden!