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National Green Week 2009 Winner Best Video
Cheyenne Creek Conservation Club
Colorado Springs, CO

May 12, 2009—Colorado Springs, CO The Green Education Foundation (GEF) and the Colorado Wal-Mart State Giving Program announced today that the Cheyenne Creek Conservation Club from Canon Elementary in Colorado Springs, CO has been granted the GEF Green In-Action Award. Wal-Mart Colorado was a key sponsor of National Green Week 2009 and this award. The intent of this award is to honor educators who are fostering the next generation of environmental stewards. National Green Week 2009 provided schools with free environmental lessons and programs Feb 2, 2009 thru June 2009.

Cheyenne Creek Conservation Club members adopted Cheyenne Creek which runs behind their school. On a regular basis, club members analyze the water content, flow rate, and temperature and then report their findings to the Colorado Division of Wildlife. Occasionally, the group collects nutrient samples and macro-invertebrates or “bugs” for further analysis at the Colorado Division of Wildlife’s River Watch.

Club members hope that their efforts will raise awareness of non-point source pollution, a common threat to the creek in any suburban area like the one in which they live.  Many of the students say they will continue to pursue science classes in secondary education, and several past club members have gone on to major in biological or environmental sciences in college.

“I hope that this creates and continues a growing sense of responsibility and value for the health of natural waterways in Colorado,” said club advisor David Eick, who also teaches fifth grade at Canon Elementary beside Cheyenne Creek. “The five hundred dollar award will help to continue this valuable program.”

“At Wal-Mart, we see environmental sustainability as one of the most important opportunities for both the future of our business and the future of our world. We commend Canon Elementary teacher, David Eick and his Cheyenne Creek Conservation Club for empowering children to become capable and committed environmental stewards,” commented Gary Peacock, Wal-Mart Market Manager.

“I am proud to congratulate the Cheyenne Creek Conservation Club on their efforts in protecting our planet’s valuable resources,” commented Victoria Waters, President of the Green Education Foundation.The Cheyenne Creek Conservation Club joined over 400,000 students from across the country during National Green Week 2009 where they participated in a multitude of environmental programs. Over 250,000 students participated in the nationwide waste reduction program alone where they pledged to carry all snacks, drinks and some case lunches in reusable containers for a week. The combined effort resulted in over 100,000 lbs of trash eliminated in just one week. For more information about how your school can enroll in National Green Week 2010, please visit .