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Reynolds School participates in National Green Week!National Green Week 2009
Second Place Winner - Best Environmental Video!
Reynolds School
Upper Saddle River, NJ

Reynolds School has become a green school due to its participation in National Green Week in 2009. The children joined in many activities throughout the week. Kindergartners learned new words and explored many different ways to reduce, reuse, recycle, and reject. Additionally, they listened to many stories and participated in activities to help make better decisions in helping our environment. The children connected their experiences between school and home. For homework, students brought in samples of things that they recycle. The children have been encouraged to pack snacks and drinks in containers that are reusable. Recycling is promote d at Reynolds School. Each classroom has a blue recycling bin along with new recycling bins in the lunchroom.

We have been working hard on staying green during the school year. Kindergarten classes celebrate Green Thumb Dayevery Spring to highlight the importance of environmental awareness. This event is a special day of singing, dancing and planting in honor of Arbor Day

As we prepare for this occasion the children worked collaboratively to create a mural displaying an eco-friendly environment. The purpose of this project was to create a life-like mural so the children could interact and show their Earth-friendly behaviors such as recycling, planting a tree and carrying reusable bags.

The project began with children working in groups to create specific areas of the mural. Some children worked on painting the recycling bin and the sun. Others worked on tearing paper to create the planet Earth and the picnic blanket. Other children used tissue paper to produce beautiful flowers, a tree sapling and watering can.

A s the mural came alive in the classroom the children began to see how taking care of the Earth is critical. They realized that being green  means always making good choice to help protect Mother Earth.


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