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National Green Week 2009 Award Winner Brookstone Elementary School National Green Week 2009 Winner
Brookstone Elementary School
Columbus, GA

The "Green Team," By Kathleen Sway - 5th Grade

The Green Team rules!  We go around our school doing stuff that helps us to be energy efficient and recycling people.  We have done things about and for the sake of recycling.  We have done activities to beautify our school, and we have thought up more ways to do those things on our own.  I shall tell you more about this now.

For our recycling needs we have done many things to help, such as putting paper bins in every classroom in the intermediate school.  We have put a few aluminum can bins out on the tennis courts and a few by the football/soccer field.  We do the same thing with plastic bottle bins, except for the fact that the Girl Scout Troop, 50055, including Kate, Anna, Sarah, and myself, put out the aluminum can and plastic bottle bins.  We can always do more in the future too.

To beautify our school and prevent damage from erosion we did many things.  We planted a mature Tulip Poplar by the playground.  We have planted many flowers around the campus too.  To keep it clean we went to pick up trash around the campus.  Now our school looks pretty and clean, but we need to keep it that way by picking up trash wherever and whenever we find it.

We have all thought up different ways to be more energy efficient around school.  Here are some of my ideas.   We could use solar panels to power the school, and we could purchase more recycling bins to put around the school.  Many people have different ideas than me, so what?  We can all pitch in to help.  Com on and lift a finger, stop being a couch potato and come join us.  We can always use a helping hand.

We have done many things to make Brookstone School more energy efficient.  Come and help, for you are helping your community.  We need to GO GREEN!

Poem: Going Green By Ariel Steele, 5 th Grade

I threw away a Coke can –

Bad, bad, bad.

I wasted some paper –

Sad, sad, sad.

I dropped a bottle on the ground –

No, no, no.

I think it’s time to go green –

Go, go, go.

I recycled that Coke can –

Rad, rad, rad.

I reused that paper –

I’m glad, glad, glad.

I picked up that bottle –

Yes, yes, yes.

I know we’ve gone green,

I profess.

The Green Team Mission By Jack Henslee, 5 th Grade

Mother Earth loves us one and all.

Auntie Brookstone loves her sis.

The Green Team hears their call.

Earth – tired, sore, and all amiss.

With gentle patience coach Auntie Brookstone tells her brood

The 3Rs – reduce, recycle, and reuse.

We hear our coach, we know the plays.

With all our help, Mother Earth will see better days.

We’ll turn off the light

Recycle paper, aluminum, and clothes

We’ll fight the fight.

So our children will know.

Giving can be fun when done from the heart.

Both girls will be proud that our vision isn’t blurry.

The Green Team will play smart.

Earth and Brookstone have no need to worry.