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Green in Action
Best Presentation Winner

McKinney Byrd Academy

Shreveport, LA

McKinney Byrd Academy is a nonpublic STEM School with a small setting, Pre-K 2 through 3rd,  approved by the state of Louisiana with the primary goal of introducing environmental issues through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  As part of our goal of becoming a green school, we decided to participate in the Louisiana Green Schools Challenge by implementing a recycling project.

GreeninAction2015Winner GEF

Teaching students about the environment is important, because the lessons that they will learn about taking care of the earth at this young age will impact their attitude towards environmental issues later on. This project about the environment will help students understand how a small- scale action, like recycling, can make a difference in the world. It will also give them the chance to discuss the importance of caring about the rest of the earth, and will give them the tools that they will need to recycle on their own.

Recycling Lesson Materials

  • Four large cardboard boxes for sorting
  • Four pictures representing metal, paper, plastic, and glass objects with students artwork
  • Recyclable paper, plastic, metal and glass items
  • Letter to parents

Recycling Project Preparation

A week or two before the activity, we sent a note home to parents describing the activity and asked them to collect metal, paper, plastic, and glass items to send to school with their preschooler. We included recyclable item suggestions and reminded the parents to wash or rinse recyclable items. Our mentor met with the parents to explain the project.

The recycling project is age appropriate and student driven. Students created the containers for the recycling items such as paper, plastic, cans and ink cartridges.

GEF Green in Action Winner

GEF Green in Action WinnerProgress for each student was tracked in graphs that they could check. If you notice each student is assigned to a color. This way even the youngest students could see how they were progressing.

Students with the most participation will win a trophy at the March 21 pageant.

This table shows how much students brought in plastic, can and paper categories.


The final result of our project was celebrated in a pageant where the students who recycled the most items won a trophy!!!

It was a great experience for McKinney Byrd Academy and we hope our Louisiana Green Schools Challenge project becomes a life time habit for our students.

Congratulations to McKinney Byrd Academy on their winning project, they will receive  "I Live Green"  thermoses for the students and staff.