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Multiple Intelligence International School
Quezon City,

With Our Intelligences, We can Green the World!
The Multiple Intelligence International School is committed to using our different intelligences to make a difference for the environment. Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences (Word, Number, Picture, Nature, Music, Body, People & Self Smart) was used to challenge students, teachers and parents to embark on initiatives to use our intelligences to help save Mother Earth!

Going M.A.D. for the Environment with our Nature and People Smarts!
Our journey to help Make a Difference (M.A.D.) for the environment was kicked off by a school-wide project:  “M.A.D. for the Environment” - A Reforestation Project of the Cambantoc Riverbanks. An important watershed was destroyed by a typhoon and our students initiated a reforestation project. With help from experts, we identified endemic species to be planted and partnered with a local school nearest to the river to sustain the initiative. 600 trees were planted but the number continues to grow as students raise funds for the sustainability of the project. Monthly, volunteers maintain the area.

Number Smart Kids become Entrepreneurs for the Environment
Through our ‘Kids Can!: For Kids, By Kids’ Bazaar students raise funds for the environment. They apply their mathematical skills in the real world through entrepreneurship. The “Kids Can! Entrepreneurs with Hearts Bazaar” is the only bazaar in our country that is made by kids, run by kids and for the future of kids. Eco-friendly products created by kids raise awareness about environmental issues and the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling. Funds raised by the ‘Green Bazaar’ go to environmental projects of the children.

Rainforest Cafe Saves the Rainforest

Five and six-year olds learn about our depleting rainforest and endemic species that become endangered because of this.  They educate the whole school about the various endemic species and the importance of saving the Philippine Rainforest. They cook and create food products that teach people about biodiversity and they host a Rainforest Cafe. They raise awareness and also contribute funds to reforestation project by a local environmental agency.

Literacy Night Campaign to Save Mother Earth
Through a word smart campaign for mother earth, students are transported into storybook land with stories about 
MI_1the environment. A collaborative community effort transforms classrooms into a page of the book to get students interested in learning about ways to help save mother earth. Word Smart students in response create their own stories.
Art Smart for Environment
Picture Smart students created art works that were made into environmental calendars and cards. Students also participated in worldwide campaign by artist AJ Sano to Save the Dolphins. One dolphin is painted for every dolphin that is killed – 23,000 dolphins a year!
MI Voice for My World
To end the year of campaigning for the environment, students created a CD of original compositions for an environmental concert that attracted more than 2000 people! Through their music and body smart, they raised their voices to SHOUT OUT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT!!!

Watch our Green in-Action video here. With Our Intelligences, We Make A Difference!