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McNaryTrash-pickup R

McNary High School

Keiser, OR

McNary High School's first Green Week was spearheaded by Kevin Wise’s World of Work class. This class is part of the Learning Resource Center at McNary, and the student’s learn about a variety of work settings, work requirements, and work expectations. The students in this class were looking for something to help the school because it seemed to be on a downward spiral. There was an excess of trash in and around the school, and teachers and home owners were starting to complain.

McNary-Recycling RThe World of Work class got involved with helping to keep the school clean, by pulling weeds, picking up trash around the athletic facilities, and by completing recycling once a week. They do a great job with all of this, but began to get fed up with the disrespectful nature of our student body. The World of Work class decided they were going to tell the student body that it was time to “clean up their acts.”  

All of the students had great ideas, but in the end theydecided on 5 different themed days for Green Week. The days were as follows: Monday was clean up the parking lot/campus day, Tuesday was clean up the halls day, Wednesday was clean out your lockers day, Thursday was school wide recycling day, and Friday was a school assembly. During the assembly they were able to show before and after pictures of their efforts, and talk about how we could proceed to keep the school clean in the long run.

McNary-Poster RBefore the Green Week event, the class had chosen a weekly day to pick up recycling from classrooms throughout the school. The recycling is loaded into a van and taken to Garten Services, a local recycling company. The students were very excited to know that the group saved almost 300 trees and 3,800 gallons of gas. Figures like these are an inspiration and show the power of collective action.  This first step has been so successful, that the class is now expanding efforts to pick up confidential materials twice a month to be taken to Garten to be shredded.

Green Week was a success at McNary High School, and they have seen a change in the image of our school. There is not as much trash lying around, or left on, the school grounds. Students are beginning to pick up after themselves, and pick up the trash that is left outside or inside the school.