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Start-Up Kit

StartUpKitOptimize your school or group's participation in National Green Week by following the easy steps below.   Don't forget - One of the most important parts of a successful Green Week campaign is sharing your stories and successes with schools across the nation so we can learn from one another. 

Schools can choose any week from the first full week in February until the end of April to be their Green Week!

Step 1:   Sign Up!

Create a free member account with GEF. Already a member? Great, you can move onto Step 2! 


Step 2: Pick Your Week! 

You can choose any week between the first week of February and the end of April to be your National Green Week. Don't forget that Earth Day is April 22.  It's easy to make your Green Week projects and activities part of your Earth Day celebrations. 


Step 3: Pick Your Theme!

Choose from GEF's six sustainability themed programs.  The theme and scope of participation is up to you - Districts, schools, grades, and classrooms can share the same theme, or each can do something different and then gather together to present their success stories. Each sustainability theme includes free lessons, activities, tips and more! Some even have their own contests! 


Spread the Word! 

  • Principals, send this letter to teachers to educate them on National Green Week's Sustainability Themes.  The letter will: 
    • Inform teachers about National Green Week
    • Introduce GEF's Sustainability Themes
    • Encourage participation in a Green in Action award
  • National Green Week Leaders, make your community aware of your great initiatives with this ready-to-use press release template. Simply fill in the details with your National Green Week dates, sustainability theme and project ideas to build momentum and excitement! The easiest way to share your news is through your town's site or other local news source.  
  • Join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #greenweek. You can also share your photos and stories as you work on GEF's Facebook page.  

Step 4: Pick Your Lessons! 

Choose from a plethora of free lessons and activities to create your own 5 day lesson plan for your sustainability theme. GEF has suggested lessons for each grade level in the curriculum section of each sustainability theme. For many more options and to design your own 5 day lesson set, search in the Sustainability Lesson Clearinghouse.  Be sure to identify a project or lesson that is suitable for your group or school and set measureable goals.  As you work, be sure to track your progress with photos, quotes from students, videos, and artwork. 

Step 5: Apply for a Green in Action Award!

Share the chronicle of your National Green Week with GEF to be entered to win a Green in Action award!  Winners receive $250 for their classroom!