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Sustainability Lesson Clearinghouse

Rename Fruits, Vegetables and Spices

Lesson Description:
Students will be able to...
  • classify plants according to observable features (size, color, shape).
  • describe the position of a fruit or vegetable based on its location relative to the ground.
  • use the attributes of fruits, vegetables and edible seeds to describe them (e.g., create new names).
  • collect, organize and classify data using a variety of graphic representations.
  • interpret and analyze the data represented in simple graphic representations.

Lesson Type:
  • Group Work
  • Project

Sustainability Topic:
  • Gardening
  • Other

GEF Program Category:
  • Green Thumb Challenge

Time Needed:
30 minutes
Standards Addressed:
  • science standard 7: understands biological evolution and the diversity of life.
    • benchmark # 2: know that there are similarities and differences in the appearance and behavior of plants and animals.
  • science standard 8: understand the property and structure of matter.
    • benchmark # 1: knows that different objects are made up of many different types of materials and have many different observable properties (e.g., color, shape, size, height).
  • science standard 10: understand force and motion.
    • benchmark # 3: know that the position of an object can be described by locating it relative to another object or the background (e.g., plants grow below ground, on the ground, or above the ground).
  • science standard 12: understand the nature of scientific inquiry.
    • benchmark # 1: use the senses to make observations about living things, non-living things and events.
    • benchmark # 2: record information collected about the physical world (e.g., in drawings, simple data charts.)
  • mathematics standard 2: understand and apply basic and advanced properties of the concepts of numbers. 
    • benchmark # 1: understand that numerals are symbols used to represent quantities or attributes of real -world objects.
    • benchmark # 2: count whole numbers.
    • benchmark # 3: understand symbolic, concrete, and pictorial representations of numbers (e.g., written numerals, objects in sets, number lines).
  • mathematics standard 6: understand and apply the basic and advanced concepts of statistics and data analysis.
    • benchmark # 1: collect and represent information about objects or events in simple graphs and charts.
    • benchmark # 2: understand that one can find out about a group of things by studying just a few of them.

Materials Needed:
  • chart paper
  • poster marker
  • number line and markers
  • "renaming fruits, vegetables and seeds" worksheet (provided below)<br

School or Group:
Green Education Foundation (GEF)
Contact Email:
Located in: Math

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