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Online Courses in Sustainability

Supplement your knowledge with online courses in sustainability from GEF Institute. They're fun, engaging, and affordable. Plus, you can earn professional development or academic credit! Learn More! 

1. Conduct an Audit – Use GEF’s hands-on audits to discover how you use energy in your homes and schools. Find out where you use the most energy and develop strategies to help you save energy! AuditIcon

2. Design a walkable route to school– Reduce CO2 emissions by walking to school instead of taking the car. Students can use GEF’s Walking My Neighborhood lesson to evaluate their neighborhoods by their walk-ability and plan a safe route to school.

CompostingIcon 3. Start a home Compost –Leftovers and food waste can be used to provide nutrient rich fertilizer for a sustainable garden. Learn everything you need to know about composting with GEF’s Gardening Resources and build your own compost bin.

4. Make a plan to recycle – GEF's recycling guidelines helps you get started on an impactful recycling program for your home or school. The first step is to form a team! Get together with your friends, family, or teachers to discuss your options. 

5. Adopt a Plant – Join GEF’s Adopt-a-Plant campaign to improve indoor air quality in your classroom.  AdoptAPlantIconThe most creative plant name wins great prizes from GEF! Learn more about the Benefits of Indoor Plants and how you can bring some nature indoors!

6. Feed the birds – Students will learn how recycled goods can be used to make new things. Making bird feeders out of a milk carton or a soda bottle is a great way to reduce waste and encourage a host of beautiful wildlife to visit your garden or backyard! MilkCartonBirdHouse

7. Battle Energy Vampires – Electronics and appliances in homes and classrooms continue to utilize energy even when not in use. Use the “Unplug Me” Activity to create reminders to conquer these energy vampires once and for all! FixALeak

8. Fix a Leak – Even the smallest household leak can waste hundreds of gallons of water every year. Find out how to fix a leak in your home and explore how you use water through GEF and American Standard’s interactive water tour for homes and schools!

9. Plan a Garden Bed – Spring is finally here and there’s no better day than Earth Day to start growing healthy food for a delicious meal! Choose from a variety of food themed garden beds – pizza gardens, salsa gardens, soup gardens, and salad gardens. VeggieGuideIcon

10. Calculate your transportation impact – Take advangtage of GEF’s two part lesson, Creating a CO2 Monster, to learn about the effects of vehicle exhaust and develop positive steps to reduce your CO2 emissions. Students will quantify the impact of their personal transportation choices using an emissions calculator and discuss solutions available to them.