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Elementary School

Why Should I Save Water Why Should I Save Water? 
by Jen Green and Illustrated by Mike Gordon

Children learn that clean water is one of our most precious natural resources. In this book, boys and girls are told about dozens of ways in which they and their families can avoid wasting water. A note at the back of each book is for parents and teachers, suggesting ways to use these books most effectively.
Magic School Bus The Magic School Bus Wet All Over: A Book About The Water Cycle by Pat Relf and Illustrated by Carolyn Bracken

Ms. Frizzle's class is learning all about water. And when Wanda suggests they take a tip to Waterland, Ms. Frizzle gets a funny look in her eyes. But insead of taking her class to the water theme park, she takes them on a seriously wet and wild ride—through the water cycle! Join the class as they evaporate, condense, rain, and make their way back to the ocean...only to evaporate all over again! 
Bear Loves Water Bear Loves Water (Super Chubby) by Ellen Weiss and Illustrated by Cary Rillo

Bear teaches readers about water in all its forms. These sturdy Super Chubby books are based on favorite TV episodes and feature photos of the show's characters against bright computer-generated backgrounds. 
A Drop Around the World A Drop Around the World by Barbara McKinney and Illustrated by Michael S. Maydak

A drop of rain is a drop of life--from steam to snow, from polluted to purified, from stratus cloud to subterranean crack--water links the world in a living flow. Traveling with Drop, readers will see the world, inside and out, from solid, liquid and vaporous viewpoints. The everlasting, ever-changing Drop earns our respect for water and its unique role on Earth.
A River Ran Wild A River Ran Wild: An Environmental History by Lynne Cherry

A River Ran Wild tells a story of restoration and renewal. Learn how the modern-day descendants of the Nashua Indians and European settlers were able to combat pollution and restore the beauty of the Nashua River in Massachusetts.
Watch Over Our Water Watch over Our Water
By Lisa Bullard and Illustrated by Xiao Xin

Earth has a water problem. People need water to live. But only a little of Earth's water is usable. How can you help? Join Trina to find out how to care for Earth's water. Do your part to be a planet protector!
Magic School Bus Waterworks The Magic School Bus At The Waterworks by Joanna Cole and Illustrated by Bruce Degen

Join Ms. Frizzle and her students as they follow the trail of water, from its sky-high source to the school bathroom sink on this wet and wild fieldtrip. After parking the school bus on a cloud and shrinking to raindrop size, Ms. Frizzle's class gets to see the waterworks from the water's point of view.
A Drop of Water A Drop of Water: A Book of Science and Wonder by Walter Wick

Filled with stop-action and close-up photography, an early scientific book features such images as a single snowflake and a falling drop of water, accompanied by introductions to such concepts as evaporation and condensation.
Water Pollution Environmental Awareness: Water Pollution by Mary Ellen Snodgrass

This book addresses the ever-growing environmental problem of water pollution. Readers learn about the cause and effect of this issue and how they can help in waste reduction and all anti-pollution and conservation efforts.
Macro the Molecule Macro the Molecule by Rick Reynolds and Illustrated by Rick Reynolds and Cristina Watson

Join Marco the Molecule for his 4 BILLION year-long adventure! As a water molecule, life is almost never dull.
He sometimes gets stuck in a glacier or underground for years on end, but most of the time he gets to have a blast riding the ocean currents and exploring the always-changing water cycle. He might be eaten in a leaf by a caterpillar and then somehow find himself in a beautiful rainbow on the other side of the world not long after.
Fully illustrated and filled with humor to engage all ages, the 7 parts of his water adventure story are followed by a variety of enjoyable activities designed to reinforce key terms and concepts such as evaporation, condensation, precipitation, transpiration, runoff, and erosion.