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Someday a Tree! GEF Activity: Pollution Activity

Someday a Tree: Eve Bunting

A sensitive book with an environmental theme. A family relaxes and engages in picnics, naps, storytelling, and plain fun under a gigantic old oak tree on their country property. One day, young Alice notices that the grass under the tree smells funny and is turning yellow. The oak's leaves start to fall, even though it is spring. A tree doctor discovers that the soil has been poisoned, probably by illegally dumped chemicals. Neighbors pitch in: the poisoned dirt is carted off, the fire department sprays water, sacking is wrapped around top branches, and the telephone company loans poles from which to hang sunscreens. The tree dies despite the efforts to save it. Finally, Alice remembers her collection of acorns, which she rushes out and plants in healthy ground near the tree.
 EverGreen Twins GEF Activity: Biomimicry - The Genius of Nature

The EverGreen Twins: Rick Reynolds

The EverGreen Twins is an activity book for students of all ages, their teachers, and parents. The activity book:
  • Integrates ecology and sustainability with key learning standards in science, math, language arts, social studies, technology, and art 
  • Teaches to multiple intelligences through active, visual, hands-on learning 
  • Boosts creativity with divergent thinking (idea generating) and convergent thinking (idea combining) activities 
  • Uses easiest to read font, Heineman Special, developed to help struggling readers.
William is going green! GEF Activity:Global Warming

William is Going Green: James Martin II

William Is Going Green is the first book in the William the Garbage Truck series. Starting out as a smoky white garbage truck, William learns about conservation, makes friends, and eventually transforms into a green hybrid recycling truck committed to the fight against global warming. Join William as he makes his debut in this enchanting, colorful adventure.
A hot planet needs....Cool Kids! GEF Activity:Black and White Bottle Experiment

A Hot Planet Needs Cool Kids: Understanding Climate Change and What You Can Do About It : Julie Hall 

Kids, parents, and teachers will find the very latest information about the causes and effects of climate change, how people are working to reduce it, and ways kids and their families and schools can join the fight. A Hot Planet Needs Cool Kids teaches and inspires through clear and accessible writing, engaging illustrations, hands-on activities, cool and hot facts, eco-hero features, and a hopeful and empowering message to get kids involved in confronting global warming and developing their best selves through such work. A Hot Planet Needs Cool Kids is suitable for home and classroom use. It meets national science and social studies curriculum standards. Additional teacher resources are available.
Oil Spill GEF Activity: Effects of Oil Spill on the Environment

Oil Spill!Melvin Berger 

Did you know that an oil spill occurs somewhere in the world almost every day of the year? Berger and Mirocha focus on one of the worst spills in history—the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil tanker spill—to explain in simple terms and with bold, full color illustrations why oils spills happen, how experts clean up after them, and what effect spilled oil has on ocean plants and wildlife. "A good introduction to the subject."––B

prince-william GEF Activity: Effects of Oil Spill on the Environment

Prince William: Gloria Rand

The tragic effects of the Valdez oil spill on the creatures that inhabit Prince William Sound are embodied in one girl's efforts to save a baby seal drenched in oil. Denny and her mother take the pup, which she names Prince William, to the makeshift rescue center set up in the gym of a nearby school. A corps of volunteers revives the animal, but the veterinarian informs Denny that most are not so lucky: "I've seen it happen before--bears and their cubs, wolverines and eagles. You name it, they're all being poisoned by the spill."

Click! GEF Activity: Renewable Energy Sentences

Click! Energy- Taking Care of Your Planet: Nuria Jimenez , Empar Jimenez

Kids discover that all energy on Earth comes either directly or indirectly from the Sun. They also learn the value of finding sources of renewable energy. The brightly illustrated Taking Care of Your Planet books were written and designed to help make young children aware that Earth's resources are limited and precious, and must be used with care.

Green! GEF Activity: When are we Wasting Water?

I'M TURNING GREEN: Published by the Little

Step into the adventure of a little girl who turns green from her head to her toes and learns that doing her part for the environment really shows! I’m Turning Green is a fantastic journey that teaches young readers tips for energy, water, and natural resource conservation. This book offers many ways to make homes eco-friendly. The Little Environmentalists provides parents and educators a simple and effective way to teach their children about the environment today!
Hair in my Dirt! GEF Acticity: Watershed Protection

There's A Hair in My Dirt: A Worm's Story: Gary Larson

Gary Larson, of The Far Side fame, offers the tale of an earthworm who is sick and tired of being a worm. The final straw is a hair in his dirt dinner! The ecological tale that ensues, incorporating environmental lessons and a less-than-intelligent maiden, shows that nature is something to be preserved, enjoyed, understood, and respected.

A Logs Life GEF Activity: Grass as a Biomass

A Log's Life: Wendy Pfeffer

Through the simple yet dramatic story of a tree's life, death, and decomposition, A Log's Life illustrates the interdependence of living creatures.

Lorax GEF Activity: Catch the Pollution

The Lorax: Dr. Seuss

Long before saving the earth became a global concern, Dr. Seuss, speaking through his character the Lorax, warned against mindless progress and the danger it posed to the earth's natural beauty.

Energy! GEF Activity: Energy Detective

Energy: Its Forms, Changes, & Functions (Investigate the Possibilities): Tom DeRosa

Discover how and why magnets work, different kinds of energy from wind to waves, nuclear power to solar energy. Presented in a kid-friendly, full color design - the book also contains a helpful glossary of terms for easy reference. Designed for 3rd to 6th graders, the series is perfect as part of a supplement-expanded science study.