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Prizes 12.10.12

Amanda Moore
Amanda Moore Elementary School, Green Earth Kids Club
Romeo, Michigan
Honorable Mention

Amanda Moore Elementary School, Green Earth Kids Club in Romeo, Michigan have done many environmentally friendly projects repotrs Marcie Cornett.

In the beginning the Green Earth Kids Club started as a small group of students and parent volunteers aimed at beautifying our little elementary School. We planted a few bulbs, picked up some litter, and sowed a few seeds. Over the past three years we have grown to 120 student members and over 16 volunteers. Our numbers grow each month and our teachers get more involved with every project that we implement. Our community has recognized us as a ground breaking addition to our district.
Our purpose and goal is simple. We teach children that their actions can make a difference. This lays the foundation for responsible, active citizenship. We want to send them into the future knowing that they are entitled to a world of clean air, fresh water, and readily available natural resources for themselves and their children. They are learning ways to become both environmentally conscious and ways to be more self sustainable by growing their own vegetables garden.
We have a unique asset which contributed to our success. Over 15 years ago there was a generous neighbor who donated a 1.25 acre piece of land to our district and its lies on the grounds of Amanda Moore elementary School. It is our:
Nature…Science…Garden…Wilderness…Sanctuary…Habitat… CENTER!Together with our passion for hard work we have developed a vegetable garden, walking paths, large “Learning Gazebo” with tables, installed birdhouses, planted perennial vegetables and fruit trees, and identified both native and invasive plants within this area. This is just a small part of our clubs accomplishments.

Goals reached: paper recycling bins, huge vegetable garden, certified butterfly garden, planted trees on playground, bird feeders installed, planted ABC garden, environmental posters in cafeteria, compost bins
Goals yet to conquer: eliminate use of Styrofoam lunch trays, remove our invasive Mustard Garlic, Zero Waste Lunch Room, eliminate use of chemical cleaners on desks, install rain barrels, install hoop houses for winter gardening.