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VolunteeringIconGEF’s volunteer opportunities focus on K-12 sustainability education programs; volunteers can introduce GEF’s free online educational programs to any school. As a National Green Week volunteer you will help educate students on waste reduction and recycling concepts through green team projects, class activities or school wide projects.

Volunteers are an integral part of making National Green Week a success! Do your part!

GEF National Green Week Volunteer Ideas

  • Organize and/or help with a school waste reduction program to implement recycling, composting or paperless programs at the school 
  • Volunteer to help with craft projects using reusable or recycled materials 
  • Encourage and organize a waste free snacks or lunch program 
  • Organize litter clean up in around the schoolyard 
  • Organize a recycled book drive: kids bring in used books and sell to other kids 
  • Organize efforts to create a green library within the school or local library 
  • Raise funds to purchase environmental education books 
  • Volunteer to read environmental education books to children in classroom or library 
  • Visit the GEF website for green book suggestions 
  • Assist school administrators in the many activities that they can implement during National Green Week such as, lights out classrooms, walk/bike/carpool week, idle free week, Waste-Free Snacks, Green Energy Challenge, and more 
  • Advocate for the installation of safe sidewalks and bicycle paths to schools and other local destinations (work with the Safe Routes to schools organization 
  • Organize efforts to raise funds to purchase and install bike racks for the school 
  • Organize and promote student carpooling, walking or biking whenever possible 
  • Help students create posters for bike/walk/carpool/idle free days and weeks 
  • Orchestrate a bike exchange at school or work where students donate bikes that are too small and exchange for older bikes 
  • Host a bike tune up day with a local bike shop donating their services to local elementary schools, it provides free advertising for their shop