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Prizes 12.10.12

Fowler Elementary School

Fowler Elementary Third Grade Class "Every Day Should be Earth Day" If you think you’ve heard of “Going Green,” listen to this! Mrs. Autry’s 3rd grade students of Fowler Elementary have done just that. We have started a recycling program, made recyclable crafts, cleaned up trash and graffiti at the local park, and planted four beautiful trees in our school yard.

First, our recycling program theme this year was “Save a Tree, Save Me.” Our goal was to save one tree for every student in our elementary school. So far, we have saved 75 trees which accumulate to 3,000 pounds of paper! Not only do we have our school on board, but also our local newspaper man. He gets more newspapers than he sells. So whatever he doesn’t sell, he gives to us so we can recycle them.

rsz_fowler1_editOur second project was our recyclable crafts. We wanted to show our school how much fun it can be to use old materials you would normally throw away. Some of the crafts included: 2 liter bottle fish, pocket purses (made from Capri Sun’s), newspaper baskets, tulips from egg cartons, and painted Earths on old light bulbs. However, we all agreed our favorite was the throw rug made from old t-shirts that were too small for us. 

We were studying community helpers in reading one day and that lead us to our third project. Some of us had noticed that there was some graffiti on our local park playground equipment. Our teacher, Mrs. Autry, told us that sometimes we can’t wait for an adult to act. It is up to us to make a difference. We took a bag for trash and some cleaner for the graffiti. By the time we were finished we had a big black trash sack full of trash and all the writing we could find removed. Now our community park is ready for summer!

Last but not least is our biggest project, our tree planting. Our class wanted to plant trees but due to the state budget cuts our school couldn’t afford it. Two girls in the class took it into their own hands. They had four sucker sales and collected $101.00! We got to buy four beautiful pinon pine trees from a local grower for a great price. We are so excited for next Christmas because they are big enough to decorate to make our playground a stunning place.

In conclusion, we have learned how to appreciate and take care of our Earth. With the money from this award, we plan to continue our recycling project for next year and educate more students in our school on how to “go green”. Just think if everyone took the time to make one act of kindness, it would make a world of difference.