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There are many ways to make a difference: 

Enter to win a Green in Action Award!

Part of National Green Week, these awards distinguish schools, classrooms and youth groups who have shared their sustainability projects with GEF. Tell us about your initiatives to win a coveted Green in Action award! Applications are due at the end of National Green Week, April 30.  Read more and make a difference!

Contests are a great way to create enthusiasm around energy consumption. Check them out and win some great prizes! Learn More!

Sign the Green Classroom Pledge

Ask your classroom to sign a pledge that they will take steps to have a more environmentally friendly and sustainable classroom. By submitting a copy of your pledge and a photo you can win big! 

Teach Concepts Related to Waste Reduction

Landfills, the three Rs, wasteful packaging! Conduct a lesson or activity with your class or group that discusses one of the many topics around waste reduction.  GEF has free resources for every grade level to use year round or to fill up your National Green Week lesson plan!

Start Recycling!

Follow GEF's simple steps for implementing a new recycling program at your school.  For more ideas for reducing waste creation in your everyday life, visit the tips section! Gather support by asking students and teachers to pledge to change one behavior. 

Conduct a Waste Free Snacks Challenge

Find out how you can implement a waste-free snacks challenge to measure the amount of waste you can save when students and staff use reusable snack containers for a week. 

Read books!

GEF recommends reading material with waste reduction and recycling themes for each grade level. Reading is a great way to spend quality time with your class, group or family!