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Use this letter template to share your school's plans for National Green Week and prepare them for the Waste-Free Snack Challenge.
**For best results, copy and paste this template into a Word document for customization and editing.**
Dear Families,

Our school will be taking part in a very exciting sustainability education program called the Waste Reduction Challenge, offered by the non-profit organization Green Education Foundation (GEF), during our Green Week, {insert your Waste Free Snacks dates}. The goal of the Waste Reduction Challenge is for students to learn firsthand how their behaviors can make a huge difference in saving our planet’s valuable resources. Our school will be joining thousands of others from across the nation to measure the impact we can have during a Waste-Free Snacks week at school.

Waste-Free Snacks Overview
Prior to the week of our challenge, the students will weigh all snack trash collected in their classrooms to determine the amount of trash accumulated from snack leftovers and packaging. During our Green Week students are encouraged to use reusable snack and drink containers to carry snacks and drinks to school. For example, parents can purchase a full sized juice and pour a daily amount into a reusable water bottle.  Also, instead of using single serving snacks, pack them in a reusable plastic or glass container.  During this week, the students will weigh daily snack trash and then compare the difference they hav made by changing a simple behavior.  Note: fruit waste such as apple cores and banana peels will not be counted towards the snack weight totals.

Our schools' totals will be sent in to GEF to be added to the nationwide total and published on the Waste Reduction Challenge website. To help your child with his or her goals, please plan ahead to purchase minimal-waste snacks and drinks, and/or buy bulk or fresh items, and pack in reusable containers.  To learn more about Green Week and the sustainability focused lessons and activities offered by GEF, please visit

(Principal Name)