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recycle symbolThere are plenty of easy ways to reduce the amount of waste generated in the office. Check it out! 

Reduce Paper Waste

Did you know that a single-sided, double-spaced document uses four times as much paper as a double-sided, single-spaced document?
  1.  Eliminate unnecessary copies, notes, and memos by: 
    • posting announcements in central locations
    • reformatting faxes to eliminate cover sheets
    • editing on the computer to print documents only once
  2. Use all paper on two sides whenever possible by: 
    • set printer and photo copier to default to double sided printing
    • print rough drafts and informal documents on the back of scrap paper
    • reuse computer paper for notes and scrap paper
  3. Single space documents whenever possible
  4. Make margins more narrow so more fits on one page
  5. Use a smaller font size
  6. Reuse file folders
  7. Use narrow lined notepads
  8. Switch to paperless billing
  9. Unsubscribe from unwanted junk mail, newspapers and magazines

Switch from Disposable to Reusable

Non durable goods comprise a large portion of the waste stream. Save money and reduce waste by purchasing refillable and reusable items.
  1. Use nondisposable tablewate such as mugs, silverware and plates
  2. Use cloth towels in kitchens and bathrooms
  3. Refill ink cartridges
  4. Buy reusable coffee filters
  5. Use mechanical pencils and refillable pens
  6. Buy refillable tape dispensers
  7. Use undated, erasable wall calendars
  8. Reuse envelopes with metal clasps
  9. Eliminate bottled water at meetings
  10. Request supplies be delivered in reusable or recyclable containers

Other Office Tips

  1. Use long lasting, energy efficient lightbulbs, especially those with an ENERGY STAR rating
  2. Consider a products warranty and service contracts so you can extend a products life before replacing it
  3. Purchase equipment, such as calculators, can openers and pencil sharpeners, that do not require batteries as these can be hazardous to dispose of.
  4. Buy coffee, tea and sugar in bulk
  5. Donate unwanted food, furniture and other materials instead of throwing them away.