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Green Packs

Teacher Pack1_ixg

What does IXG stand for? I X Green: I Live Green, I Work Green, I Play Green, I Shop Green, I Snack Green, I Teach Green, I Learn Green, I Ride Green, I Eat Green, I Clean Green, I Drink Green...IXG.
Get Geared Up with IXG!

Green Packs are eco-friendly kits to help promote sustainability by making your efforts visible! A complete Green Pack includes a t-shirt, reusable 'I Shop Green' bag, an 'I Drink Green' water bottle, and snack containers.  Also available are 'I Drink Green' coffee mugs. Customize your own Green Pack for your school, classroom, or youth group today!  

Follow these steps to gauge interest in ordering Green Packs at your school. Also, keep in mind that Green Packs can be a great fundraising opportunity! 

Step 1
Use this letter to email or send home with students to order IXG Green Packs. The fee is $18 for students and $20 for teachers - min quantity 50. Don't forget to add 8% to the total order for shipping. To learn more about IXG products, visit

Step 2
Complete this order form and mail or email to IXG at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Call to confirm the order at 888-668-2298. Mail order form with check including 8% shipping costs to:

1412 North Street
Walpole, MA 02018

Please make sure that you send your school order form back in time for IXG to ship with a 4 week lead time or call/email IXG at 508 668 2278 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to expedite your request.

Step 3
Use the following distribution process to hand out Green Packs at your school:

IXG Green Pack Distribution Process Please designate a place for Green Packs to be assembled by the students and staff. We recommend that only a few classes assemble their Green Packs at one time, with students filing in a single line. Place the t-shirts in stacks by youth and adult sizes on a table. The rest of the items can be left in the boxes they arrived in. Start with the reusable bags on the left, t-shirts next, water bottles, containers and then inserts.

Please note that snack containers come packed in sets of five. They need to be unpacked in order for the students to select one of each. Students can easily do this with the supervision of an adult.

Each student will first select a reusable bag, and then fill it with: (1) water bottle, (2) snack containers (1 small & 1 large), (1) I Live Green t-shirt in their size. They are now ready for the Waste-Free Snacks Challenge during National Green Week!
Contact IXG at 508 668 2278 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions. Thank you for supporting the environment and green education!

About National Green Week

The goal of this nationwide event is to launch sustainability focused lessons, activiites and eco-challenges to be utilized during this week and for the remainder of the school year. In order to maximize waste reduction at schools across the nation GEF is urging schools to participate in the Waste-Free Snacks Challenge (if appropriate for your school, we understand that many schools offer free snacks to under-served children in which case this would not apply). However, GEF encourages the educators to take part in sustainabilty lessons or to participate in other GEF Eco-Challenges such as the Green Energy Challenge. Thank you for your support of sustainability education!

For other eco-friendly IXG products visit