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**Letter to Families (copy and paste the following into a Word, or similar document, and edit for your school)**

Principal Name
School Name
City, State, Zip 

Dear Families:

Our school will be taking part in a very exciting sustainability education opportunity during National Green Week, (Insert Your School's Green Week Dates). The goal of this special assignment is for the students to learn firsthand how they can make a difference in saving the planet’s valuable resources through collective behavior change.

Our school will be joining thousands of others from across the nation to achieve the below nationwide objectives during National Green Week's Waste-Free Snacks, Green Energy Challenge and Green Thumb Challenge eco-challenge programs. Following are the nationwide goals:
  •  Plant 10,000 indoor or outdoor gardens in the spring 
  • Save 5% on energy costs 
  • Eliminate 500,000 lbs of trash! 

For more information on these eco-challenges and National Green Week, please visit

As an environmentally friendly fundraising event for National Green Week, we are selling student and teacher IXG Green Packs! Green Packs include a reusable shopping bag, snack containers, water bottle, and t-shirt. Consider ordering one for all your child(ren) and favorite teacher! Please see the attached order form with all the details. Simply complete the form and hand in to your childs teacher.

National Green Week Waste-Free Snacks Program Overview:
One week prior to National Green Week the students will be weighing all snack trash collected in their classrooms to determine the amount of trash accumulated each day from snacks leftovers. We are encouraging (but not requiring) the students to use reusable snack and drink containers to carry snacks and drinks to school each day during National Green Week.

Every day, students will weigh all the garbage collected in their classrooms snack waste (note: organic fruit waste such as apple cores and banana peels will not be counted towards the snack weight totals). After National Green Week, we will tally the results of the before and after weights and announce them to the students and families.

Please shop ahead to purchase snacks and drinks in bulk (or fresh fruit). Use your shopping trip as a learning opportunity for your child; some of their green assignments include price comparisons about bulk item costs versus multi-pre-packaged snacks. Please take a moment to read through any exercises sent home with your children or view in the Curriculum section under National Green Week at:

I would like to personally thank each of you for participating in this educational program. I hope that you will use this exercise as a forum to discuss the environment with your family and why it is so important for us to all take an active part in preserving the planet’s resources.


__________________________Cut and return completed form to teacher by (FILL IN DATE)_______________________

____Yes, I'd like an IXG Green Pack for my child(ren) at $18 each. Enclosed is a check for $______, payable to school name.

_____No, thank you. I will use my own reusable containers for the week.

Name of Child: ____________________________________ Teacher: _________________________

XS (4-6) ___ S (6-8) __ M (10-12) ___ L (12-14) ____ X Large (16-18) ____ AXL___AXXL___AXXXL__(add $2 each)
(For youth larger sizes select from adults above starting at AXL)

For Teachers Green Packs ($20 each) SM ____­­­­­­­­ MD­­­­­­­­­____ LG­­­­­­­­­____ XL­­­­­­­­­_____ XXL ­­­­­­­­­____ XXXL___ (add $2 each)

Teacher Note:
Please retain a copy of this order request and give back to student to select their size when IXG Green Packs arrive at your school.